Seamoss Questions:

Is the sea moss real?

Yes, we source all of our sea moss from Jamaica, Peru, or Honduras. Our Sea Moss is wildcrafted and harvested from the ROCK, never from ropes like others.

How do I make sea moss into gel?
You make sea moss into a gel by just soaking the raw moss overnight in water, then add it to a blender and fill the blender with spring water. Keep adding water to your liking until it turns into a gel consistency.

What can I do with the sea moss? 
What can I do with the sea moss? You can either add it to your meals, salads, or smoothies for the added 92+ minerals it contains. OR you can apply it to your skin to re-mineralize it, just add some to your face and let it sit for about 15+ minutes. Wait for it to feel tight then rinse with cold water.


Batana Oil Questions:

How do I apply Batana Oil?


To apply the Batana Oil, gently rub it to an area on the body, hair, or face. Wherever you want hair to grow, if you want it to grow on your scalp, apply it and let it sit for at least 40 minutes under a shower cap. Best used consistently and twice a week for best results.


What is in the Batana Oil?


The Batana Oil only contains the rare "Batana" nut exclusively grown in Honduras. No added fillers, palm oil, or thickening agents. Just the raw Batana Oil itself.